Print-friendly Quick-drying

Mega synthetic paper is waterproof, durable, tearproof, print friendly and fast drying for conventional printing applications. It is suitable for commercial and industrial use including pressure sensitive labels, advertising poster, DM, catalog, map, and more....

Print-friendly Quick-drying

Our goal is to develop quality products for diverse application while still cost competitive. Thus we brand it-Maga Source Syn-Paper Innovation.

  • Characteristics / Benefits
  • 1.   Diverse Product Range
  • 2.   Suited For Different Printing Inks
  • 3.   Print Friendly
  • 4.   Fast Drying Time
  • 5.   Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • 6.   Reduces Energy Consumption And Increases Efficiency
  • 7.   Thinner Gauge Films

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